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Training and professional development are an important part of keeping professional skills current and organizations competitive. The Professional and Workforce Development (P&WD) program is a new program within the UAF Cooperative Extension Service. As the outreach arm of the university, Cooperative Extension is uniquely positioned to bring training and professional development to Alaskans across the entire state. We utilize the resources of the University of Alaska and a network of consultants to deliver non-credit courses that are relevant and effective.

NOTE: These non-credit classes are intended to develop and improve workplace skills. They do not count toward college-level degrees or certificates, either at UAF or at other colleges and universities. If you are interested in college courses at UAF, please see our website at www.uaf.edu or the UAF Course Finder at www.uaf.edu/coursefinder/ .

For more information, contact uaf-pwd@alaska.edu or call 877-520-5211.

Contract Training

Education available where you need it.

Contract training offers an agency or organization the opportunity to work directly with our office to provide a personalized, cost-effective method for training employees.We can coordinate competent instructors, course materials, supplies, equipment and facility rental.

Large or small, public or private, for-profit or non-profit – we can deliver the training and professional development to meet your company needs.

Our clients say ...

“Instructor took information about what type of training we were looking for and nailed it.” Beth, Palmer, Alaska. 

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P&WD Online Courses

Education available when you need it.
The Professional & Workforce Development program has expanded services and products to deliver a full range of online courses. We are pleased to bring you courses from World Education® .

Check out our online class categories to see what we offer:


Military spouses looking for flexible education and scholarship options.

UAF Cooperative Extension Service has partnered with Condensed Curriculum International (CCI) to bring you a wide range of Career Advancement Opportunities through online delivery. These courses are designed for those eligible to receive MyCAA funding, find out if you are eligible to receive funding by clicking here.

Some online classes offered include:

  • Accounting Professional Certificate
  • Administrative Assistant with Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Certificate
  • Assisted Living Technician Certificate
  • Clinical Medical Assistant Certificate
  • Criminal Investigation Professional 
  • Electronic Health Records Management Certificate
  • Entrepreneurship Certificate
  • Human Resources Professional Certificate
  • Legal Assistant Certificate
  • Organizational Behavior Professional Certificate
  • Spa Professional Certificate
  • Wills, Trusts, & Estates Specialist Certificate 
  • and many more….. 

Check out what is available!